- Alt    Therapeutic Psychedelics
Renaissance is looking carefully and thoroughly at new med therapies that are becoming accessible.
On Jan 5, 2022, Health Canada made significant changes to expand access to medical psychedelics.
Our Alt team will build a custom version of our Therapeutic XR app to reflect the sensibilities & experiences
related to these therapies, to bring additional benefit to patients.  We will work with patients, doctors, clinics & researchers.
We are looking at psilocybin, ketamine, ibogaine, mdma, dmt & other alt med therapies that are legal in certain countries..
We are bringing together an Alt advisory group.  
An Alt website is in the works.
2 key areas below :     Sky World      +      Psilocybin :  Palliative Care   ALS  :  Canada .  

ButterFlyD1V6XCroppedBrighterSM2-1.png Sky World.
Our Sky World initiative is virtual land & environments that you can explore on your own or with friends.
Very high fidelity experiences.
They can be explored on your laptop/desktop or ipad/tablet.  Or in VR and AR.
Sky World experiences are being designed & created for :
the therapeutic psychedelic community, researchers, businesses in the space, and those with a general interest.
More info about these experiences, the virtual land and other aspects will be posted here soon.
Each plot of virtual land comes with a cottage or country home.
Exploring Swerve.Land and V World will give you a visceral sense of aspects of what Sky World will be. See Core on the menu bar.
  - More info about Sky World is coming soon. * Sky World is the current working title for this initiative.

ButterFlyBlueV6XCroppedBrighterSM2-1.png  Psilocybin :  Palliative Care   ALS   Depression  :  Canada.
Health Canada recently granted access to psilocybin to some Canadians who are at the palliative stage,
and a Canadian with ALS, and another with serious depression. Psilocybin is also known as magic mushrooms.
What we will do related to psilocybin, is work closely with some of the people that are in palliative or have ALS,
who are either taking a dose or micro-dose of psilocybin,... and we will design and craft an immersive experience,
or series of experiences, within our Alt app. We will do this with multiple people/patients using psilocybin.
The mandate here is for our Alt app to add additional benefit for the person who's exploring psilocybin for their condition..
We will also work with their doctors & other healthcare professionals that they engage with,
and various clinics that focus on this new frontier, in Canada, and other countries.
What we discover during this process, will become an agile blue print for a general app that focuses on med psilocybin.
Other Therapies : We will take a similar approach to other med therapies in this compelling frontier realm.  
Scroll down for a visual.                 More information about  - Alt will be available for our Renaissance network subscribers.