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Swerve.Land   -  500 Miles
    ~ Imagination & Innovation 
Adventure.:  ButterFlyBlueV4CroppedBrighterSM1-768x620.png     Swerve.Land         V World  WhiteSpace3.png  
Swerve.Land's mandate includes a focus on exploring innovative standalone and integrated technologies
to create compelling experiences and new paradigms. This includes original content for most devices & screens;
and both practical & cutting edge stunning XR VR & AR experiences.  Therapeutic XR is a related initiative.
  XR : All screens : Including TV, VR, AR, laptops, tablets & phones       VR : Virtual Reality       AR : Augmented Reality   .
   Swerve.Land and Therapeutic XR Development Roadmap & Priorities info can be founder under Info, on the Top menu bar. .
V World
We are working on V World. More info is available for Swerve Network subscribers.

Swerve.Land Overview 
:  FilmCameraSM1Grey.png Film:  XR   VR   ARWhiteSpace3.png
Check out our 3 minute film called Renaissance.
We have another 10 minute short film called Wild,
that gives a visceral & informative overview of Swerve.Land and our Swerve Platform.
See  Films +  on the menu bar.    

* We highly recommend watching the films before reading this section below.
Film is a very good medium to get across aspects of what we are doing.
This is an exciting journey.

What's further below    is somewhat of a deep dive into our vision.
You may find it more informative by exploring it a few times, in a few different sessions. .
That said, if what we are doing already resonates with you,.
you might Not find it necessary to know all the details & background info below.
Feel free to contact us by clicking > here, if you have any questions or comments..
If you simply want to gain further access to our content & vision,.
then go to X on the menu bar, and check out Access, for more info about subscribing to the Swerve Network.

Visuals : We have 6 compelling screenshots from our App in the Screenshots section; see the menu bar...
                A dedicated Swerve.Land website is in the works.

XR   VR   AR
XR VR & AR hardware and software have advanced considerably over the last 3+ years.
There is a major paradigm shift happening that will have a profound impact on society, culture and business.
The medium is exciting, innovative & powerful.  The experiences & content are amplified because of the medium.

The Swerve.Land app will be available for phones, tablets/ipads, laptops & TV's (Via Chromecast or Apple AirPlay.) 

Virtual Reality Headsets
Swerve.Land will be available for various VR headsets.
Oculus, Valve, HTC, Sony PS4, HP & Varjo.
We are targeting our initial rollout for 2 different headsets.
Rollouts for other headsets will happen afterwards.

* There's an increase in chatter that Apple will release a VR headset in 2022 or 2023.

Augmented Reality Glasses.   Smart Glasses.
Swerve.Land will be available for a range of AR glasses.
Nreal, Magic Leap, Microsoft Hololens and others.
We are targeting our initial rollout for 2 different AR glasses.
Rollouts for other AR glasses will happen afterwards.
* Ray Ban has just come out with smart glasses, in partnership with Facebook. 

Depth & Complexity
We go into more depth about Swerve.Land as you continue to scroll further down this page.
There is some background complexity around some key elements of what we are doing.
This complexity is more about what's under the hood, and related to certain strategies.
Sometimes complexity is necessary. When it's necessary, we celebrate it, and we thrive in it.

Simplicity & Imagination
The user interface for the Swerve.Land app will be relatively simple, straightforward and enjoyable to use.
We value simplicity and ease of use.
Many of the experiences within the app use the same principles, alongside of having a visual richness.
That said, we also enjoy & value the juiciness of complexity, and some experiences will reflect that.
We will be offering a considerable range of experiences,
so there is potential here for you to find a nice sweet spot for your tastes and interests.
Part of our mandate includes encouraging our app users to be creative & imaginative..
So, if you are imagining wild horses with wings, flying across the sky,... then we will potentially make that happen.  

High Fidelity
The image above is a screenshot from our realtime 3d app. It shows the quality of lighting and detail that we are working at.   

Swerve.Land App

We have an early stage alpha realtime 3D demo of the Swerve.Land app & experience.
It is a mixed used app that can play movies, music, display images and writing, and explore immersive 3d.
The final release version will work on various screens : Including TV, VR, AR, laptops, tablets & phones.

Version Alpha 1
The current working alpha version shows off some of the features of Swerve.Land, including some movies to watch,
the ability to move around inside various beautiful buildings and spaces, walk or fly thru landscapes,
and test out our virtual Hoverbike in a large landscape with a lake, hills and nature.
This alpha version of the app works on laptops and desktops, and will be ported for use and further refining,
on VR & AR headsets and glasses.

Version Alpha 2
We'll be refining and expanding elements from Alpha 1, and add some wonderful new experiences :
- We will add networking functions, so you can meet your friends, family, or people you work with, inside Swerve.Land.
- Additional high resolution landscapes and natural settings will be added, including those that you see in your dreams.
- We will prototype the introduction of Avatars, so you can choose a virtual person to represent you inside Swerve.Land.
  Realistic looking models of people, or playful animated ones. Or you can choose to be a lion, or kitten, or giraffe.
- Wild : We will open a gorgeous virtual art gallery that will defy the laws of physics.
  We've got other things cooking, that will be announced later.  Including experiences that James T. Kirk might appreciate.

- Virtual Retail & Boutiques
  We will duplicate our Virtual Studio, and 
customize and renovate it into a prototype retail store with e-commerce capabilities.
       For more info about our dev priorities, see our Priorities & Roadmap under Info on the menu bar..

500 Miles

Aspects of Swerve.Land are being built within a virtual landscape & world that is 500 miles long by 500 miles wide.

VR : Now & Future
We've run some early tests exploring our virtual Studio inside the Oculus Quest VR headset.
We are quite satisfied with what can be created and built for the Oculus Quest.
Swerve.Land's next phase of explorations and testing in VR & AR will begin shortly.

Our Swerve.Land App is adaptable, so we can build experiences for the Oculus Quest,

and build experiences that are higher fidelity for current and upcoming VR headsets & AR glasses
that are more powerful and higher resolution than the Quest.

Convergence & Swerve.Land

Elements and functionality being built for Swerve.Land will be customized for Convergence.
Convergence is a virtual space and landscape that focuses on innovation, business & culture.
This includes networking, so teams and groups can meet within the space.
Early prototyping and explorations of Convergence will happen in a special area within the 500 miles of Swerve.Land.
Convergence and it's related X project, is in stealth mode.
More info about Convergence will be first made available for our Swerve Network Business subscribers.

Therapeutic XR
: Wellness, Therapeutic & Medica

XR VR & AR have proven application in these areas.
We will use a custom version of the Swerve Platform to build our Therapeutic XR app.

Go to Core on the menu bar to check out our Therapeutic XR section.
We recommend you check it out after seeing our Swerve.Land app screenshots. Use the sub menu to see our screenshots section.

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality
  :  Apple   Microsoft   Sony   Facebook   Shopify  .

There are many companies participating and expanding their presence in VR & AR.
There's a big wave evolving and emerging.
Apple is rumoured to be coming out with a VR headset in 2022 or 2023.
Apple has been exploring the VR & AR space for a decade, 
and have hundreds of engineers working in this area.
They continue to refine and expand AR within their phones & ipads. 
Microsoft, Sony, Oculus, Facebook, Shopify, HP, Valve, HTC, Nreal, and many others, are in the space.
Facebook has 10,000 employees working in their Reality Labs division, which focuses on AR & VR. 


Swerve.Land & V World  :  Access    Network    App

After reading this page, and seeing our 2 short films; Renaissance and Wild, feel free to reach out with questions or comments.
The best way to get an even deeper and more visceral sense of our vision and content, is to access Uplift & Swerve.Land.
  1. See X on the menu bar for Access / subscription information.
  2. Subscribers get priority access to Uplift & Swerve.Land, Therapeutic XR, V World & V Opportunity.

Resonance : Now and the Future
We are stoked and deeply committed to what we are creating & building. .
We are on a big, wonderful & spacious journey here.
Resonance is a compelling experience. .
If what we are doing resonates with you, we welcome you to join us on this voyage.


Light shines from within