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    ~ Vibe +

  Swerve.Land, Swerve & Renaissance make movies/films, spoken word pieces & written works.
   These will be available within our upcoming Swerve.Land app.
   You can get early or exclusive access to some of these works via our Swerve Network.

                    Imagination          Wild          Vibe          Compassion

                       Empowerment          Respect          Resonance

                          Wonderment          Awe          Wonderful

                                         Uplift            Feelin' Good


  The above are key elements related to the essence of Swerve.Land's vision & work.
  You will see or sense one or more of these elements, when you explore our work.
  Watching one or more of our films will give you an initial visceral sense of a slice of what we are doing.
  We will be releasing a significant range of work over the next 12 - 24 months, including our Swerve.Land app.
  We have released 11 short films.   See Films +  on the menu bar. .

Accessing Swerve.Land's movies, spoken word, and written works :
Some of our work is designated for early or exclusive viewing for subscribers to the Swerve Network network.
Then later on, some of the works will be released on our website, and on public channels like YouTube, and others.
Go to X on the menu bar for Access and network info.
App : Subscribers to our Swerve Network get early access to our Swerve.Land app..
         More info about our app is on the Swerve.Land submenu bar. It's titled  App : XR  VR  AR  ✦ 

Scroll down to see a screenshot from Wild

 Moving Pictures