Consciousness                Enlightenment  

  The vision for our Uplift initiative includes : 
   Uplift        feelin' good        inspiration        compassion.
       awe        presence        inner strength        flow        wow.

We will be releasing various kinds of content related to these elements.
Various short films, writing, visual designs and digital posters.
A short film trailer about Uplift is in the works.  Uplift will soft launch in May 2022.
In the meantime, our films in our Films +  section, will give you a bit of a feel for Uplift.

Our Uplift mandate also includes highlighting and bringing attention to various Orgs & people doing good work.

The Uplift content will first be made available for subscribers to our Renaissance network.
Certain works will be exclusive content for our subscribers only.
Some of the content will be released to social media, after it has been shown to our subscribers.
Therapeutic XR     Swerve.Land     V World.
Some of the Uplift work will be rough sketches & early concepts for Renaissance subscribers to see,

That will be refined further and used within Therapeutic XR, Swerve.Land & V World.
Scroll further down this page to see a couple of images.   Our Uplift info website will launch in April 2022.


Electric light fantastic blooms in infinite shades.

You are the beginning of indescribable transformation.