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Therapeutic XR    

  Wellness & Medical :.
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     Therapeutic XR  App  :  Original therapeutic oriented content & experiences, designed for wellness & medical therapies.
      Explorations that you simply listen to or watch.  And interactive experiences.  On your own, or invite a friend.
      Plus networked experiences so that health professionals can engage with their clients for in office or remote sessions. 

      Our app will be available for a wide range of screens: phones, tablets, laptops, TVs, VR headsets, & AR glasses.
      The app is meant to be used in addition to current therapies or medicines that a person may be using.
      We will be consulting with a broad range of healthcare & wellness professionals, as an integral part of our dev process.
      Some of them will become members of our team.
        A separate app will be released for general wellness : Relaxation, Mindfulness, Empowerment & Creativity.
        To get a feel for the wider Therapeutic VR industry, see the Research Links at the right of the sub menu..  

  We recommend you watch our 2 short films ; Renaissance and Wild, before reading more about our app.  See Films+ on the menu. .
  Watching them will give you a better sense of the capabilities of the Swerve Platform, our vibe, our film & sound scope,
  & a bit of a visceral sense of where we are headed with Therapeutic XR,... in tandem with reading the Thera sections.
  Exploring our Swerve.Land section, after going thru the various Therapeutic XR sections, is also recommended.

     After exploring various aspects of our Therapeutic XR app section below, and on the menu bar :
     if what we are doing resonates with you, 
we invite you to subscribe to the Swerve Network.
     Subscribers get access to various initiatives of ours, including deeper dives into what we are building related to Therapeutic XR.
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People : Trevor, Lucy, Tyrone, Tanya, Carla & Noah.
 - 4 potential future scenarios with our Therapeutic XR app..

- A person in hospital, named Trevor, has our app on his phone or tablet, and listens to the gentle sound of waves.
  And then listens to the soothing voice of someone walking him thru a guided meditation around mindfulness and calm.
- A woman named Lucy in a nursing home has our app, & watches a short uplifting film on her tablet or laptop.
  Lucy thens puts on her VR headset and visits her hometown of Dublin using our World Xplore feature.
  Lucy invite her friend Tyrone, from her nursing home, to join her, and both of them see Lucy's hometown.
  Tyrone then chooses to go to Bali via our app, and shows Lucy where he went travelling 10 years ago.
  Lucy then invites a friend of hers, Tanya, to join them. She's a senior that lives at home in Portland, Oregon.
  Tanya might connect with them using her laptop, or her Augmented Reality Glasses.
  The 3 of them drink tea, tell stories, and have a wonderful time together.
  Our World Xplore feature will use panoramic 360 street view imagery data from a 3rd party. 
- A patient named Carla, in an Intensive Care Unit, puts on a VR headset, & explores a beautiful virtual forest & lake.
  She invites her grandson, Noah, to join her in the forest using his own VR headset. Noah lives 1,000 miles from Carla.
  Noah puts up some some photos & videos of their family. They both see them displayed in the forest.
  This inspires an interesting conversation about life, nature, family, and goofy things that Noah does.
- A therapist named Jennifer has a range of clients with various issues. Fear of spiders.  Fear of flying.  Terminal illness.
  She sometimes uses Therapeutic XR with her clients to augment and deepen the process. In office, or, remotely.
- Additional features & experiences are in the works.

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