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420 co-ordinates Renaissance's initiatives related to Cannabis, CBD and Hemp.
Brands & Channels : Medical, Wellness & Recreational.  Canada, USA & Europe.
Our current primary focus is Canada and the USA.  Europe is on our radar.
Elevate : 420 & Vivid will be launching a Pro Cannabis & Pro Hemp info campaign called Elevate.

Our private 420 strategy website has more info about our overall vision.  The URL is www.420.vision or 420.vision .
The site (at the link below) is currently password protected.  Contact us if you want access.


- Alt
Our Therapeutic XR team is looking carefully and thoroughly at new therapies 
that are becoming accessible.
We will customize our app to see how our content and experiences can be bring benefit.
Health Canada recently granted access to psyilocybin to some people at palliative stage.
Psilocybin is also known as magic mushrooms.


Wonderful plant

Never Give Up.